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Fabrizio Borghini Fabrizio Borghini, journalist and organizer of cultural events (Florence)
"To date the ICLAB is one of the best equipped exhibition spaces to host contemporary art exhibitions, and is particularly suitable for sculpture symposia, as it offers capacities that are not readily available elsewhere in Florence. By virtue of its happy location, it is easily reachable both from the city centre and from every other part of the metropolitan area and the entire region. Moreover, the proximity to the Amerigo Vespucci Airport supports the international vocation that has always been inherent to the DNA of the ICLAB".
Mary Westerman Bulgarella Mary Westerman Bulgarella, art historian and coordinator of the Scientific Committee at the biennial Costume Colloquium (Chicago)
"During the fourth edition of the Costume Colloquium dedicated to Colours in Fashion, the ICLAB was experienced in all its versatility by students and professors from various parts of the world, as a place of birth and exhibition of their fashion creations. This experience showed that the ICLAB space is well suited to host exhibitions, workshops and laboratories, as well as to conferences and international talks."
Eugenio Giani Eugenio Giani, President of the Regional Council of Tuscany (Florence)
"This space allows the culture and art world to find a natural reference: in the outskirts, where you can park and even the tramway is coming soon, with what was essentially a 'basement' of a hotel, which has been transformed into one of the city’s more active, vital, and functional art spaces."
Eugenio Giani Giovanna Dani Del Bianco, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic for Tuscany (Florence)
"The ICLAB is for us an extremely precious space due to its versatility and ease of use: we have held here workshops and traditional parties for children, musical, artistic and gastronomic events that have also involved other Consulates and Italian-foreign Associations that work with us on common projects, and this space has always proved suitable for the purpose. Moreover, its easy accessibility from the motorway and from the airport, as well as from the city centre, has made it possible to organise events, even quite complex and repeated over time, that have been carried out in the best possible way with the collaboration of professional and duly trained staff."
Written obout us
Toscana Nuova, January 2018, Article "Allo spazio ICLAB di Firenze nasce il polo Eno-Tecno-Art ideato da Arkiwine in collaborazione con la Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco. Un luogo dove cultura enogastronomica ed arti visive dialogano nel segno della tradizione toscana"
Master Meeting: Focus Toscana 2017, Article "ICLAB - Intercultural Creativity Laboratory: Un ampio spazio industriale, in cui ospitare mostre d’arte, eventi culturali, incontri, meeting e convegni, rappresenta la più recente acquisizione del Centro Congressi al Duomo, dedicato al dialogo interculturale e allo sviluppo di relazioni internazionali a partire dalla valorizzazione del contesto locale"
Meeting & Congressi: Speciale Toscana 2016, Article "Spazio alla creatività: completa l’offerta già articolata del Centro Congressi al Duomo di Firenze, uno spazio polifunzionale, Iclab, che si inserisce in una proposta Mice e culturale coerente incentrata sull’attenzione all’ospite prima che al cliente"

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