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Iclab Intercultural Creativity Laboratory represents a natural solution for national and international educational institutions for organizing in Florence a professional training for their students, encouraging internationalization for their institutions and enjoying an extraordinary artistic, cultural and at the same time dynamic context of the city of Florence in the area of its highest development and dynamism.

ICLAB is a space of over 1000 square meters with an extremely flexible and modular structure that lends itself to short, medium and long term trainings, boasting also a strategic synergy with the BB Hotel Firenze Novoli on the upper floor with 88 double and multiple rooms with breakfast service and other comforts.

The campus is distinguished by its strategic position of a true American-style campus with all the facilities within less than a 10-minute distance by foot, such as as a multi-purpose sports gym (swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, fencing club, gyms ...), the Filippo Buonarrotti Municipal Library on the first floor of Villa Pozzolini, surrounded by a large garden and equipped with a newspaper and media library, as well as study and reading rooms; the racetrack of the Visarno, a racecourse for the trot and another for the gallop; and finally the former Manifattura Tabacchi, which has now become a meeting place for entertainment and conviviality with local, national and international artists, which is located near the Puccini theatre, a theatre of satire and mixture of other genres.

From the historical point of view, the most important buildings to cite in the area are the Church of Santa Maria a Novoli, Church of San Cristofano and Church of San Donato in Polverosa, the modern church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, as well as also the new Pole of Social Sciences of the University of Florence which is the center of services and support for the Schools of Economics, Law and Political Sciences of the University of Florence, the new Palace of Justice and a large urban park San Donato with a Shopping Center just next to it, which is equipped with a multiplex cinema, supermarket and various commercial and recreational facilities.

All of the above is well connected to the historic center of Florence with the new and modern tramway T2 that connects Piazza Santa Maria Novella to the A. Vespucci airport.

Moreover, thanks to the close collaboration with the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism, ICLAB proposes a training offer made up of complete packages of services available to client institutions. A real campus that allows participants to "experience" the space and all its potential.

The Campus ICLAB

The spaces on the ICLAB campus were designed to allow socialization and networking among participants through dialogue and mutual collaboration and avails of:


THE CAMPUS HALL - A  large area that can be set up both in stalls and with school desks, in order to better enjoy the lessons held by the teachers. The room is equipped with a video projector, computer, wifi and amplification.

THE RELAX AREA - An area designed to allow students on campus to relax for reorganizing their ideas. They can therefore play the piano, chat comfortably while sitting in the lounge and perhaps enjoying a hot drink (or cold depending on the season).

STUDY ROOM - This space was designed as a small modern library where students can study and carry out their work independently and/or together depending on the tasks that the teachers will assign them from time to time.

CANTEEN - Every day during the lunch break, students will be able to eat in this area of ICLAB choosing from different menus created taking into account various dietary requirements

CLOACKROOM - There is also a wardrobe space available to participants, where they can keep personal belongings during the days of learning and study.



Students attending camps can take advantage of various recreational activities during their free time.

 Sports facilities:

  • Centro Sportivo Paganelli: multipurpose sports center with a 25-meter pool with stands, a 5-meter deep diving pool, a large gym with stands and flexible parquet, a bar and a restaurant 
  • Palarotelle - Roller skating rink
  • Tennis Club Time Out
    • Circolo del Tennis
    • Fencing Club
    • BSide Firenze Nord center equipped with 3000sqm of gym equipped with the most modern equipment, including a swimming pool with water-fitness courses in addition to the spa, wellness and relaxation area ….
    • Ippodromo del Visarno - a racetrack for trotting and another for galloping;

Cultural and Recreational Activities

  • Filippo Buonarroti Municipal Library on the first floor of Villa Pozzolini, surrounded by a large garden and equipped with a newspaper and media library, as well as study and reading rooms;
  • Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, that has now become a meeting, entertainment and conviviality place with local, national and international artists
  • Teatro Puccini, theater of satire and mixture of genres
  • Urban park San Donato
  • Shopping Center with multiplex cinema, supermarket and various commercial and recreational activities.

Places of historical and artistic interest:

  • Chiesa di Santa Maria a Novoli,
  • Chiesa di San Cristofano
  • Chiesa di San Donato in Polverosa,
  • The modern church di Santa Maria Ausiliatrice


  • Pole of Social Sciences of the University of Florence with Schools of Economics, Law and Political Sciences, as well as the new Palace of Justice

Means of transport

  • tram T2 that connects Piazza Santa Maria Novella to the A. Vespucci Airport from 05.00 am in the morning until 02.00 am on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Airport Amerigo Vespucci
  • Railway Stations: Firenze Santa Maria Novella o Firenze Rifredi


The International Institute Life Beyond Tourism is an international reality conceived to study the impact of travel in the globalized world by providing information, ideas and advice on strategies of addressing its negative impacts on places and identities and transforming it into a powerful strategy to improve legacy and traditional know-hows, and foster intercultural dialogue. Among the Institute’s best practices and training courses, we can cite an international web portal/community based on the ethics of Life Beyond Tourism www.lifebeyondtourism.org , an annual event “Building Peace Trough Heritage: A world forum to change through dialogue”, in which the key problems are tackled within an international network of over 500 institutions in 111 countries around the world and a continuos activity of training,  courses and seminars in a wide range of disciplines with high qualified professors and teachers.


in ICLAB, the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism provides two basic types of training courses for students of international institutions and universities interested in making Florence their strategic point of reference. The institute avails of an international network of experts in multiple fields of study.

  1. SHORT TERM:weeks of targeted training on various subjects
  2. LONG TERM: 18 weeks of training designed to deepen different types of topics with theoretical in-class and on-the-ground practical activities

Both the proposals that can be easily modulated on the basis of training needs, all the courses and topics are characterized by numerous fundamental elements:

  • -       The use of the entire ICLAB space during the study period
  • -       Organization and assistance services on behalf of the organizational secretariat
  • -       Definition of topics and schedule of lessons
  • -       Lessons by qualified teachers, meetings, excursions
  • -       Final exams
  • -       Accomodation in a 3* hotel with b&b formula, in multiple rooms for the whole study period (single rooms available with a supplement)
  • -       Lunches
  • -       Student kit
  • -       Tramway ticket carnet for the whole study duration

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